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Protecting our patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic is our top priority.  


Depending on your specific medical need and the status of your overall health, we may offer you the option to use telemedicine for a “virtual” visit over the phone or video chat over a computer.

During Your Appointment

When you arrive for your visit, we ask that you wait outside or in your car, instead of in the waiting room. This is to protect you, our other patients and the office staff.  When you arrive, please call us from your car at 631-673-3937.  We will let you know when to come into the building.  

Upon your arrival, we will take your temperature.  In accordance with CDC guidelines,  we ask that you wear a protective face covering or mask.
Dr. Conley and all office staff will be wearing a mask. Dr. Conley also uses a special plastic breath shield on the machine he uses to examine your eyes.

When you schedule your eye exam appointment, you can have the extra confidence that you will be safe and comfortable while at Conley Eye Care and Lavage Dry Eye Spa.   We look forward to servicing your eye care needs and appreciate your patience and cooperation.

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