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School Children

Visual Processing Evaluations 


Visual processing disorders can interfere with a child's ability to complete tests and assignments in an allotted period of time despite knowing the information.   Some children may  feel as if they have a word or name on "the tip of their tongue" but struggle to recall it.  Others have difficulty tracking words on a page or screen.  


Many students silently struggle with reading speed and comprehension issues, but most parents do not realize it may actually be the eyes at fault and not their brain. 

Inefficiencies and poor coordination in eye movements can contribute significantly to visual processing disorders.  


At Conley Eye Care, Dr. Conley and Dr. Segal work together to support you and your child as they identify the impact of eye movements on your child's school performance.  Dr. Conley performs medical and diagnostic testing while Dr. Segal provides guidance and expertise on how your child can be supported through resources in their school.  Full reports can be furnished for CSE and 504 committee meetings.  With over 25 years experience in public education, Dr. Segal will guide and support parents to ensure their child's academic needs are  met. 


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