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BlephEx® Microexfoliation of the Eyelid Margin to treat Blepharitis

There are 2 main types of blepharitis that can impact tear functionality and ocular comfort, namely "anterior" and "posterior" blepharitis.  The differentiation relates to the location within the eyelids and the structures that are impacted.  Different glands, each with specified functions, are aligned along the eyelid margins.  Blockages caused by inflammation, bacterial overgrowth (infectious or non-infectious) and biochemical modulations of secreted oils will ultimately impact human tear stability and functionality. 

BlephEx has been designed to directly treat anterior blepharitis and indirectly positively impact posterior blepharitis.  Specialized high speed cleaning pads combined with targeted eyelid surfactant cleansers are employed to eliminate bacterial over-growth collecting at the eyelash margins.  Typically comprised of non-infectious "staph" flora bacteria, excessive collections of these bacteria cause chronic inflammation which disrupts tear chemistry and causes loss of eyelashes over time. 

Severe cases may additionally require topical and/or oral application of medications when overgrowth is excessive or demonstrating evidence of infection.  As always, careful examination by Dr. Conley determines which patients need more advanced measures and customizes treatments accordingly.  

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