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 Lavage Dry Eye Spa

            A Dry Eye Center of Excellence

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Nearly 30 million people in the U.S. suffer from Dry Eye Disease. 

From irritation, redness, and sensitivity to light, dry eyes can make everyday life uncomfortable, to the say the least. An adequate and consistent layer of tears on the surface of the eye is essential to keep your eyes healthy, comfortable and seeing well.

At the Lavage Dry Eye Spa, you will relax in a dimly lit spa environment with soothing sounds and relaxing music.  Plush robes and slippers are available for your use as you recline in a heated treatment chair.  Far-infrared heat using gemstones (amethyst, jade and tourmaline) aim to detoxify tissues and reduce inflammation while undergoing dry eye procedures.

At the Lavage Dry Eye Spa, Dr. Conley will use cutting edge technologies, including Lipiscan®, to determine the severity of your condition and discuss treatment options with you which may include Lipiflow®, BlephEx®, manual expression, nutraceuticals and/or medical foods.

What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is caused by chronic dehydration and poor lubrication of the ocular surface, causing a disruption of the barrier function. Many people develop dry eye as a result of environmental exposure, allergies, eye surgery, medications, or the effects of aging. While it may seem like a mild irritation, the condition can lead to vision loss if the cornea is scratched or damaged if left untreated long enough.

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